Coach with Coco


Hola, I am Natasha Coco Benitez and I have found my passion—coaching you towards reaching the highest version of yourself. I am a Health & Life Coach, an energizing spin instructor and always looking to grow within. I have experienced being unhealthy and overweight, having constant low energy, emotionally over-eating to fill a void and being uncomfortable in my own skin. I have procrastinated my dreams, doubted my talents and have even disliked my own reflection in the mirror —and yet I am here today, perfectly imperfect, your Health & Life Coach prepared and excited to start this journey with you. “What is your WHY?”



After graduating The University of Texas at Austin in 2005, I joined Teach for America, moved to D.C to teach world history at Anacostia High School and pursue a Masters in Secondary Education from American University. In 2013, I joined the non-profit BUILD, supporting 9th graders, their teachers and mentors as they created and ran their own businesses! By 2015, I had transitioned into entrepreneurship with my sister as co-owner of Unparalleled Eye Designs, where I gained new skills and great confidence to pursue my own health coaching career. Today, health and wellness is my greatest passion; the experience I’ve developed in my professional roles, paired with the inner work I have done (and continue to do), have prepared me to be your Health & Life Coach!


Client Reviews

I recently took a pop-up spin class with Coco and LOVED it. Perfect intensity, clear instructions, and great flow to the class. The class was themed 70s v 80s which was a lot of fun ... grooving to the music distracted me from getting my butt kicked. Coco is super high energy and motivating! It was just what I needed to kick off my weekend.

— Jessica (Washington, DC)
Coco does an amazing job of motivating anyone who rides with her. Her words, her energy and her positive vibes are a huge morning boost. If you are looking for a fun but super challenging class this is it! My personal favourite is when, half way through the routine, just when you are starting to feel nervous and doubting whether you will pull through to the end, she launches into an inspiring tirade about all the reasons for which you got up and came to this tough class. It’s a way to get you to dig deep inside, both intellectually and physically, and push even harder on these pedals despite the burn. Why am I doing this to myself? Because at the end of these gruelling 45 minutes I feel amazing and know that feeling will be with me for the rest of my day. Gracias Coco!!! Can’t wait for the next ride!
— Gal (Paris, France)