Workplace Health & Wellness

The former classroom teacher in me has to keep things FUN! My workshops support building a team culture, they show your staff you care about them holistically, they encourage honest conversations about health, and stimulate laughter and good vibes!

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Motivational Health & Wellness Presenter

Every one has a story. I use my health & wellness journey to motivate, inspire and encourage your team to keep their health and wellness top of mind at work, at home and in life!


Interactive Health & Wellness Workshops

Sugar addiction, stress, over-worrying, binge eating, lack of movement, self-doubt, overthinking; these are challenges plaguing so many of us, and the most popular topics for my interactive and highly engaging workshops.


Workplace Health & Wellness Retreats

A one day on-site retreat, complete with engaging activities, fish-bowl style conversations, meditation, staff story telling , reflections, movement and food! My retreats are an AWESOME way to connect your team in an intentional way and unite them through health & happiness!