90 Day Total Mind & Body Program

WHO: The women I coach through my 90 day program are wildly unique, but these traits tend to connect them: They are professionals who get s*** done! These women have big hearts, they have a hard time slowing down, they are well educated, health & wellness is important to them, they overthink, they experience guilt when they focus solely on themselves, they aim for perfection and they want personal results FAST.

Our sessions are honest, authentic and cover and array of topics, a few examples:

1)      Our body image and where our story started

2)      Emotional and stress eating + sugar addiction

3)      Feeling “stuck” in an unfulfilling career or an unhealthy relationship

4)      Being self-critical and the power of our self-talk

5)      How stress and overthinking is impacting our weight and mind

6)    Honoring our personal power and asking for what we want from our life

Price: Please inquire for details (monthly payments are an option)

Cleanse Program (14, 21 or 28 day option)

WHO: If you are curious about food allergies, weight gain, why you may bloat after eating dairy, why gluten may turn your stomach upside down, or why the candy bowl you can’t stay away from at work, is keeping you fatigued most of the day— a cleanse may be your next best step! The perks of a cleanse:

1) Curated health information with direct coaching from me

2) Specific list of “what to eat” and “what not to eat” & details on when to phase out and re-introduce certain foods in your diet

3) Daily schedules, journal templates and reflections

4) Alternate ways of nourishing your day-to-day life other than food

Price: Please inquire for details

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