Coach with Coco

Come Spin With Me!


Find a workout you love and get moving!

I feel most alive when I am on a spin bike because coaching and motivating people nourishes my entire being.  I know the escape spinning provides me.  Spin gives me permission to be both intense and gentle with myself.  Spin strengthens my mind, body and soul.  Spin heals me on tough days.  I don’t always know the details of my riders’ day, what mood they are in, or what motivated them to come to my class; however, when they hear my music, hop on the bike, allow their minds to fully focus on their body, they leave feeling good.   


WHY I Coach

My gift from God is the ability to energize people through fitness and use of encouraging words.  I was 278 lbs at my heaviest and needed to find my strongest inner voice to focus on my health. Today, I apply my internal “cheerleader chat” to motivate my riders! My mom took me to my first class and I was addicted instantly! I loved the sense of community, the loud music, the motivation others gave me, the challenge and the way I felt after.    I have been a spin instructor for over 7 years and have built my life around feeling GREAT and helping others do the same.  What is your why?


Try something new, it may transform your life!

A long time ago, I would look at people workout for “fun” and think that would NEVER be me! When I changed my mindset, pushed pass my own self doubt and found a cardio workout I loved, I transformed myself. If considering trying spin, here are few tips:

  • HYDRATE! Drink plenty of water ahead of your class, you will sweat it out!

  • Arrive early so your instructor can help you get set up on your bike to minimize injury.

  • Listen to your body during the ride, you know if better than anyone.

  • Be competitive with yourself, no one else. Put your phone away and fully immerse yourself in every climb, every jog, every sprint. You can and WILL feel awesome after!

The “Ride of Honor,”  November 16th @ 12:30 PM at Washington Sports Club in Columbia Heights (3100 14th St NW)

The “Ride of Honor,” November 16th @ 12:30 PM at Washington Sports Club in Columbia Heights (3100 14th St NW)